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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Lots of parcels in today's mail

Today the postie had to bring my mail to the front door. I am in an international birthday ATC swap and also a swap with Scquilters (an online Australian quilting group) and he had too many envelopes to put in my mailbox. I haven't opened them yet as I promised my granddaughter Jorja who is nearly 3 that when she comes to visit she can help me open them. She loves looking through the folders I have of ATCs and Postcards that I have swapped over the past couple of years. Last time she was down here (they live the other side of Melbourne about 130kms from me) she helped me make a couple by sprinkling on some glitter. Mind you there was more glitter on the floor than the cards! I will put up some photos of the albums when the weather is better - at the moment it is very cold and wet here and my camera doesn't take a good photo inside. (Actually I have hinted to my 3 boys that a new one would be very good!!!)

We will all have to wait until the 12th.

Until next time, stay healthy, love well, laugh often.


Lynne said...

Hi Joy,
I've just received your email through the ATC swap. It's nice to see someone setting out on their blogging journey. I'm sure you'll have fun here.
I'll call again, it's great making contacts across the world through this internet thingy.
Happy blogging.

Shasta said...

I think Seaside quilter is a great name for a blog. Happy blogging. It is a lot of fun.