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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Out of the archives...

come a couple of small wallhangings.

This one I made for Warwick (DS3) who loves his fishing.  The idea was dictated by the material I found for the sky.  You just see the fish (a button) which is near the end of the fishing line.  It is the 'one that got away!!!'

This delightful little quilt is 'Winston' - who is not little (a Ridgeback), loves his bones and kennel and now lives in Metung, near Lakes Entrance in Victoria.  A big, softy, and loveable dog.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Mystery no more

The blocks of the mystery quilt I was doing are now all sewn together with borders.  This was such as easy one to do I am thinking of doing another (wont be a mystery!!) in some batiks I have, or maybe I may use some Japanese fabric I have,......or........???  Who knows what I will use - got to still make it a mystery!!  The quilt top will now go in my basket of tops waiting to be quilted.

I am one of those quilters who has a lot of tops, not many quilted or finished, but this year I am getting through some of them.  Some just need the binding - isn't it the way you get so far and then onto something else.  This year I decided (all by myself.....) to not purchase any more fabric, only what I absolutely require to finish an already started project.  So far I have been good.  Next year - will wait and see.