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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Postcard Exhibition at The Shrine of Remembrance, Melbourne

Last week my friend Jenni and myself visited the Shrine of Remembrance in Melbourne.  Jenni had discovered there was a Textile Postcard Exhibition held in the Visitor's Centre to commemorate the 100 years of the Gallipoli landing (Anzac Day 25 April 1916).

Textile Artists were invited to contribute a postcard within certain guidelines for this small exhibition.  You can find out more about the guidelines and the exhibition here in the link. It is well worth reading more about it.

In the meantime here are some of the cards we saw - there were 400 postcards submitted and they are displayed in two cabinets in the Visitor's Centre.  Not all are on display at the same time - the curators change the display every 5 weeks.  Consequently there are more than these few here.

Unfortunately, because they were displayed in a cabinet with glass top and the lighting was not conducive to taking photos they haven't turned out as well as I expected.

Also you can see the downlights in the roof reflecting on the glass.  Nothing one can do about that.

But I hope it gives you an idea of the content of the exhibition.

 We plan to go back in a couple of weeks when they have changed the display.

I found it quite poignant knowing some of the cards were obviously made in memory of a loved one lost.

Thank you Jenni for suggesting we see this.

Friday, January 22, 2016

Allietare - Finally a Finish..

After a few very very hot (40C+) days here in Lara, with high humidity on the cooler days, not a lot of sewing was done.  Actually not very much of anything was done!

But in the slightly cooler evenings I finished my Allietare top.  Not quilted and bound, but the top is finished.  I have decided not to do the wide border as Bonnie has, but just to keep a narrow border and then I will bind in the same black material.

When, at the beginning of this I didn't want to make the full size quilt, but a smaller version, I chose to make 3/4 of the numbers of each step.  Not knowing what the block/s would look like and also how the whole thing would come together, choosing 3/4 was a great choice in the end.

Only a couple of times did I have to add an extra one as 3/4 came out as an odd number.  But when putting the lot together as in Step 6 - I only had a few pieces and one complete block (the star block) left over.

Originally I thought about only doing half of the requirements, and then make extra blocks (if needed) at the end.  BUT I do not like doing this - generally I find I'm too lazy and want to get on to something else.  Would rather have some over than have to make extras.

So pleased making 3/4 turned out this way that next time (??) I will stick with 3/4!!

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Allietare Step 5 - nearly there...

After a scorcher of a day here yesterday (41C) and with the air con on full blast, I have finished sewing Step 5 and nearly all of the 'finale' or reveal and final step.  Hoorah!!  This is one quilt I have enjoyed working on.  Everything just seemed to go right and I love the choice of materials I am using.

Typical of Bonnie is her way of keeping things very very secret until you get to the final clues and the 'reveal'.  There are actually only two (different) blocks in this entire quilt, plus it is set on point.  AND would you believe the setting triangles are 'pieced'.  First time for this, for me that is.

So, after a mammoth sewing day today, I have now completed all the blocks, setting triangles and am ready to lay them out tonight.......

Remember that pile of 2" finished HST's from Step 1 and the 2" black squares - here they are - all joined into a 4-patch.

AND they are also here as the corner blocks in these squares - joined with the red and white trapezoids. All ready on my design wall to be sewn together.  Please no comments on the one that has one of its components upside down.....

I promise I won't sew it this way...

But wait there's more of these little devils to come......

Four of the above blocks sewn and pressed.  Loving the secondary pattern in the middle.... but we have to wait and see how they are used in the quilt.

This block uses the yellow/neutral 4-patches, plus the red/black bow-tie type block.  They also look good together on the wall.

Of course, a close-up of two finished blocks -

The final lot of those pesky triangles are used with those long neutral strips with a triangle in the corner, together with a red triangle for the 'setting triangles'.  (Note 3 triangles to make one...LOL)

The blocks are set alternately on-point.  After laying them out on my floor I can start sewing them together.

Then, I can have my 'reveal', hopefully this weekend.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Step 4 - Allietare

Step 4 was typical of Bonnie Hunter and her mysteries.  A lot of sewing, sorting and cutting.

We had to make 30 sets of four blocks.  Each set had to have the same red, the same black, but a variety of neutrals.  This is one set of 4.  They finish at 3.5" x 4.5"

When I finished this mammoth task I downloaded Step 5. Unfortunately NOT the reveal - there is still Step 6 to come..... This bit of sewing is only a small part of this step, but was all I could get done before going to Melbourne tomorrow.  We need 16 pairs of these.
When I return on Friday, hopefully will be able to proceed with the rest of this step.

Then it is on to Step 6 and the reveal!!!!!  Which is the instructions for putting all these pieces together.   

Friday, January 1, 2016

The New Year is upon us.....and a mystery is in the wings...

It crept up very quickly.....

Wishing everyone a safe, happy and healthy 2016.

After finishing off the grey quilt, I was itching to do something with a bit of colour.  I had decided early in the December that I would sew Bonnie Hunter's mystery this year.

Over the past couple of days with the heat we are having here in Victoria (some days of 35-40C) and with the air conditioning on I started on the mystery.  I am a little bit behind as the reveal and final steps will be posted later today.  But that's OK - I will only look at each step as I finish the previous one.

Here is what I have achieved so far - my materials sorted - blacks, reds, golds (although mine are more yellow/gold), neutrals and the one piece that is used throughout the mystery a grey.
 One of the reasons I decided to follow along on this journey is the colours that Bonnie chose to use. I know some people choose to use different combinations when making a mystery quilt, but generally I go along with what the designer suggests or what they have said they used.

This next photo shows the first step - a pile of 2" finished half square triangles using the grey and neutrals.  Typical of Bonnie's style - heaps of little sewing.....
 Step two the cutting and then the finished pieces sewn together.  In this step she introduced the red with the neutrals and the grey material.
 The finished sewing of step two.  I am only showing 4 blocks here so you can see more clearly how they look.  Besides the pile was too big and it kept falling over.....
These had to be sewn in groups of four - the same four pieces of red and the same four pieces of neutral, but each group of four to be different but the actual four to be the same.
 Lastly step three.  We used the gold with the neutrals and cut 2" squares and sewed them into a 4-patch block.  Very easy step.  So am wondering what step four will be like.  So far each step has been easy sewing.  I am sure step four will have a lot more in it.
Tomorrow I will look up the instructions and start cutting and sewing, while trying my best not to look at step 5 which is generally the reveal and final part of the sewing.  There has to be a lot more as so far it doesn't look like much.  The last couple of her mysteries I usually have a gazillion little piles of blocks.

Well, we will see and I will post in a couple of days when I have sewn step four.