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Friday, January 22, 2016

Allietare - Finally a Finish..

After a few very very hot (40C+) days here in Lara, with high humidity on the cooler days, not a lot of sewing was done.  Actually not very much of anything was done!

But in the slightly cooler evenings I finished my Allietare top.  Not quilted and bound, but the top is finished.  I have decided not to do the wide border as Bonnie has, but just to keep a narrow border and then I will bind in the same black material.

When, at the beginning of this I didn't want to make the full size quilt, but a smaller version, I chose to make 3/4 of the numbers of each step.  Not knowing what the block/s would look like and also how the whole thing would come together, choosing 3/4 was a great choice in the end.

Only a couple of times did I have to add an extra one as 3/4 came out as an odd number.  But when putting the lot together as in Step 6 - I only had a few pieces and one complete block (the star block) left over.

Originally I thought about only doing half of the requirements, and then make extra blocks (if needed) at the end.  BUT I do not like doing this - generally I find I'm too lazy and want to get on to something else.  Would rather have some over than have to make extras.

So pleased making 3/4 turned out this way that next time (??) I will stick with 3/4!!


Jeanette said...

Congratulations Joy, it is a beautiful quilt, and a suitable size. Love your golds, the lighter shade really sings against the reds. Can't wait to see it on Thursday.

Vireya said...

Wonderful! Also looking forward to seeing it in person.

jacaranda said...

Absolutely beautiful, I love the colours and the contrasts. Will be interesting to see the other versions and colour ways. The gold's really make it and stand out against the red's. Well done.

Andrea said...

Well done with the finish! Your top looks fantastic.