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Saturday, December 26, 2015

The 'Grey' Quilt was well received.....

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas with family and friends.  I didn't have the time to post before Christmas as I was busy trying to get this 'grey' quilt finished in time for Christmas Day.

Plus in the couple of weeks before Christmas I had the cataract in my left eye removed and even though my sight has greatly improved, putting the required drops in 4 times a day my eye was constantly blurry.

Well, at long last here it is - the "I only want grey thanks Mum"....  The photos shows it on the floor - I don't have a wall big enough to hang it. It turned out to be nearly a king size quilt, so even two sons over 6" couldn't hold it up properly without it dipping in the middle.
You can see how I quilted the flying geese by looking at the right hand side - that shows the quilting of the geese on the back.  It is reversable using a darker grey on the back, but the geese are the same - black, medium grey and very light grey.

The second photo shows the label on the 'dark' side.  I deliberately put it on the left side of the quilt so that if Warwick wants to use this side on his bed then the label would be on the side away from the door and not noticeable.

Personally I actually prefer the darker side. But unfortunately forgot to photograph that side - maybe later (if I get the chance to take it to Guild next month).

This last one shows the quilting.  I quilted in a 'grid' style resembling a tartan pattern.  He was very pleased to see I hadn't (in his words) "done my thing with the quilting"......