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Monday, February 3, 2014

Sorting, decluttering, getting ready for a move..........

Friends have told me how stressful it is when moving. The hard work sorting, decluttering, packing, etc etc. Until recently I thought - Oh piece of cake, just get the packing crates and away you go........How wrong was I?

In just over a fortnight I'm moving house (actually downsizing to a unit) and it seems like it's taking forever to sort 30+ years of stuff....... Yes I have been in this little house by the sea for just over 30 years.  Am going to a 'tree change' of sorts. A little bit of country just outside of Geelong, here in Victoria.  It is about half-way from here in Anglesea to Melbourne where the family are (or are moving to...)  DS1 and grandies are in Melbourne and DS2 is moving to Melb very soon.  DS3 is in Geelong.   I am finding it quite tiring doing the driving up the highway and back - don't like the traffic or having to drive over the Westgate Bridge.  Can't do much about the bridge, or the traffic but I can cut back on the actual travel time (and petrol).

The boys came down for the weekend for a 'working bee'.  I hired a skip (3m) and they filled it in about 2 hrs, declaring with each load 'You don't really want this, do you Mum?'  There were only a few things that I said 'Oh no!  Don't put that in!!!'  Nothing like having someone else help with the decision making.
This is the skip with extra stuff to go in.  Will have to wait for the man to come and pick it up and see if the other bits and pieces can fit.....hopefully they will.

But, my dear friends you will be pleased to know they didn't touch my sewing room......although I bet they were itching to get in there.....

That is what is happening here at present.  Not sure what I'm going to do with the blog heading and name.  Probably wont change it but maybe change the background.  What do you think - show some of the bird sanctuary that is near where I'm going to be living????

Hope to write again before moving..... Take care,