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Thursday, December 30, 2010

A word 2011.....instead of a resolution

How many of you out there make resolutions for the coming year, but find for some reason or other that you fail to follow them - you know what I mean - loose ? kls; get fit;  remember ALL your friends birthdays;  finish X number of UFOs; only work from your stash etc etc.  We all start out with good intentions, I do, but life happens.

After reading a couple of blogs and comments on the QuiltArt list on Yahoo, some very inventive people are choosing a word for the year - ie - Inspire;  Change;  Learn;  Persevere;  Believe;  Balance.  So if resolutions don't work for you, how about trying a word.  Make some signs using this word and place them in strategic places like near your computer screen;  on your message board;  in your diary; etc to remind you how/where to focus.

My word for 2011 is Relax.  I need to learn to relax  and not worry about things I don't have any control over;  I need to relax when trying new directions for my quilting and not be concerned if it isn't going where I want it to;  I need to learn to relax when working on my art quilts - they are not meant to be 'perfect' but to go with the flow.

What word would you choose for 2011?  Would love to hear your ideas.

To read more about choosing a word pop over to Linda Matthews blog and see what she has written.  If you leave a comment there she will also incorporate your word in a small gift during the year.

Take care and have a happy New Year's and make 2011 the best you can.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A delightful parcel came today

from my Angel - No.19.
The on-line group Scquilters which I belong to have an annual retreat and next year it is being held in Kiama, NSW.  One of the many activities in connection with the retreats is the Angel/Mortal swap.  It isn't compulsory to join, but if you do then you are an 'Angel' to someone and an 'Angel' is appointed to you.  The idea is that as an Angel you send a parcel in December and then in each of the next 3 months to your mortal, trying very hard not to give away who you are.  At the same time you are receiving little parcels from your Angel.  This is what came today from my Angel who is known only to me as No.19.  Isn't it lovely - a cute little purse, embroidery scissors, handy note book, cross-stitched book mark to go with the book and a beautiful glass bell to add to my Chrissy decorations.

I would love to show you what I sent my mortal but if I did and she looked at my blog then the secret would be out.  All will be revealed on the Sat night of the retreat.  It is a lot of fun because all the time you are trying very hard not to reveal yourself, but at the same time trying to work out who your own angel is.  Some people get up to some very very devious ways and means to hide themselves or work out who their own angel is.  ps I have a few clues but not revealing anything here.......... 

Thursday, December 16, 2010

I had forgotten about this one..

When searching through all my photo files on the computer looking for a specific photo of a specific quilt I came across this little one.  I had forgotten I made it. Duh.  It is a little 12"x10" quilt made for one the challenges for a little art group I used to belong to.  I have forgotten exactly what the theme was but looking at my notes (which I have kept with the quilt - wasn't that clever of me!!) it had to do with links or linking.
My background was a piece of furnishing material which is quite heavily stitched with different threads and gives it lovely texture.  I then overprinted with a simple edged square stamp (you can see one in the middle with the star button).  I then added three triangles in four blocks around the centre star to represent my three boys, and the fact that we had moved 4 times in our lives.  I couched some copper wire joining the triangles with each other and then towards the centre star which is the hub and centre of our world - our home.  I couched some woollen thread for the border and used a wooden toggle to hang it with.

On the left of the little quitlet are symbols representing where we have lived - in the hills just outside Melbourne with very very tall gum tress and then we came to Anglesea and the sea.

I thought this little quilt was lost when I had to pack up my sewing room towards the end of last year, for the painters to come in.  By the way, I still haven't found what I was looking for.....maybe it is in that 'safe place' we all have.!!

Bye for now, take care,

Sunday, December 5, 2010

A little bit of experimentation--

This weekend I did a little bit of experimentation.  I have dabbled a bit here and there with different surface elements and backgrounds for some time, but today decided to get the paints out.  In this first photo I originally started the painting in the top half when I spent some time with my friend Jeann.  Today I decided I needed to finish this piece, so added more yellow, then red and then purple.  I used acrylic paints mixed with a small dab of textile medium.  Quite like the way the colours have turned out, not sure what will happen next, but am thinking of using it as a background for a collage using sheers and tissue papers etc.

The following is what the experimentation was all about.  Reading through some of my many many books I found an article on 'sun printing'.  Today was the perfect day - plenty of Aussie sun, but not too hot as to dry the paint too quickly and little or no wind.  In this first photo you can see how I placed the leaves and anchored them down with small stones - they need to be as flat as possible so that they take more precisely.

The second shot is how it turned out.  The right side of the material I dampened first and then splashed over some acrylic paint diluted with medium.  The same mixture of paint was used on the left side, but I didn't dampen it before painting.  You can see the difference in the two backgrounds.  The dampened side is more even and lighter than the left.  Not sure which one I like best.  Should have used the same type of leaves on both sides then I could compare them better.  I'm learning and enjoying the process. 

Again not sure what will happen with this piece, but I'm thinking of cutting it in half and doing some free-motion stitching on one half and maybe collaging with the other half.  When it has dried completely and cured I may even add some more colour and definition to the leaves.

The whole process didn't take a lot of my time, just waiting for the sun to do it's bit.

Take care and enjoy the upcoming festivities.