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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Found - a great textile art blog

While surfing around the net (as one does when one has nothing else to do!!) I came across this fabulous blog - In Good Company - they are a group of 4 textile artists who are very generous with their knowledge.  They have subscribers who each month are given a small package of 'play material' with instructions on how to use this material, some samples of what can be achieved etc.  All the information and 'eye-candy' is posted on their blog for others like myself (and you) to enjoy.  I have also put a link in the right-hand column so I can keep up to date with what they are doing.  Fabulous stuff.

The posting on gelatine printing is something I just have to do.......... just got to go and buy some gelatine.

Friday, February 19, 2010

A Sewing Room pic

This is my Thimble collection.  The 'shelving' is an old printer's tray I picked up in a garage sale many years ago.  Still in original condition, and the only thing I have done is to rub a little oil into it.  You can see that some of the dividers are missing.  A great display for small things like thimbles and bits and pieces like my father's old Cribbage board and some old silk threads.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Valentine's Day soon

Valentine's Day is nearly upon us. Do you have a special someone to share it with? Me - afraid not.

But I am in a group called StitchinFingers (link on right hand side of blog) which is having a Valentine's Day swap of Artist Postcards.

We are making two - one for our 'known' swap partner and for our 'secret' swap partner. My secret one came today - Isn't it gorgeous. Not too secret either - Gina signed it!!!!

The following one came from my 'known' swap partner -

Leslie in the UK with a beautiful ribbon embroided rose.

I think it is now OK to put up a pic of the two I sent away - they should be arriving at their destinations very soon.

Leslie in the UK and my secret one to Kathy in the USA.
I made the hearts from Angelina Fibres and silk paper which I made myself in a workshop last year.


Saturday, February 6, 2010

Lancaster & Amish

While on tour last year to the USA we stayed in Lancaster for 4 days. One day the group went to the Lancaster Meseum which has the 'Esprit' collection of Amish quilts from the area. This collection has toured the world (including coming here to Australia) and is very unique.

At the museum there was also a collection of Indian Woolen wallhangings - the colours were stunning.

Unfortunately the photos of the Amish quilts are not very good for posting here as the quilts were all under glass the the resolution is not very good.

Of course you can't go to Lancaster without visiting Intercourse and Bird-In-Hand.

Beautiful countryside, so green, especially for us Ozzies who are still in drought conditions and for most of the country our grass is growing 'brown'.