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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Who likes a mystery?

I do.  Love reading mystery novels and participating in mystery quilts etc.  But at the moment I have the biggest mystery of all to solve.  Scquilters, which is an on-line group of Aussie quilters have an annual retreat and part of the activities is an Angel/Mortal swap.  This involves being an 'Angel' to another Scquilter and then being someone else's 'Mortal'.  All very secret and devious!  You send a parcel each month for 3 months before the Retreat (this year at the end of June) and then having 3 more to be given out at the retreat.  You also have a special parcel to give to your 'Angel' as a thank you.

Apart from trying very hard to not reveal yourself before the 'Big Reveal' at retreat, like posting from a different PO than near where you live, to using various friend to post for you etc etc and using a 'non de plume' email address, the lengths that some go to are extrordinary.

Well, so far the parcels I have received have come from 3 different addresses in the USA!!!  How did my Angel do this?  Was she away when posting, then if so, she must have been away for 3 months!  Does she know someone who lives over there - but then she would have had to send them over first, and then have them sent back!  Not only are the return addresses from different people - they are also from different States.  This has me truly baffled.

Any help to solve this or do I have to wait another 4 weeks for the reveal at Retreat?  The retreat this year is in Townsville, north Queensland, a lot warmer at the moment than down here in Victoria.

Will keep you informed as to any more clues etc..

Friday, May 25, 2012

Blogger's Directory

Have you got your blog listed on Michelle's Quilting Blogs Directory?  If not, it is easy, just go here., and follow the prompts.  Michelle has a great resource site for links for just about anything you want to know about blogging and blogs of interest.  If the above link doesn't work, click on the label in the right hand column, have a look around while you're there and join up.  It's free!!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Guild Quilt-In

Spent a lovely couple of hours on Saturday at my Guild's Annual Quilt-In.  This is me with Rose on my left.

Geelong Patchwork and Quilting Guild, like most guilds in Australia host an annual Quilt-In where invitations are sent out for others to join in our fun.  It is a fun day, plenty of tea and coffee and lovely things to eat.  Usually a couple of our local quilting shops have stalls selling all the stuff us quilters just love.

We had a great speaker - Linda Steele, who talked and showed us her quilting journey and lots of her lovely award winning quilts. You can visit Linda's blog here to see some of her work.  While you're looking around the net you can also visit Geelong Guild's blog here and read about what we do and also have a look at the link and read our Monthly Newsletter.

The 'mess' in front of me is my hand sewing for the day - I was piecing some more Candied Hexagons.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Why I haven't been here......

is because of this darling little fellow.  My new grandson, Fraser Jeffrey Vale born on 3rd May 2012 at 2.52 am.  I have been in Melbourne looking after big sister Jorja Pearl, who thinks 'he is the cutest baby Nanna'.  Of course I'm not a bit biased!!! 
Mum, Dad, big sister Jorja and Fraser - 1 day old

Fraser on Nanna's quilt - first day home from hospital

I managed to sew some more Candied Hexagons while there - at night after Jorja went to bed and a bit more while she was at school.  I have also finished sewing the binding on my Orca quilt.

Hope all is well with your families - I just looooove being a Nanna.