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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Who likes a mystery?

I do.  Love reading mystery novels and participating in mystery quilts etc.  But at the moment I have the biggest mystery of all to solve.  Scquilters, which is an on-line group of Aussie quilters have an annual retreat and part of the activities is an Angel/Mortal swap.  This involves being an 'Angel' to another Scquilter and then being someone else's 'Mortal'.  All very secret and devious!  You send a parcel each month for 3 months before the Retreat (this year at the end of June) and then having 3 more to be given out at the retreat.  You also have a special parcel to give to your 'Angel' as a thank you.

Apart from trying very hard to not reveal yourself before the 'Big Reveal' at retreat, like posting from a different PO than near where you live, to using various friend to post for you etc etc and using a 'non de plume' email address, the lengths that some go to are extrordinary.

Well, so far the parcels I have received have come from 3 different addresses in the USA!!!  How did my Angel do this?  Was she away when posting, then if so, she must have been away for 3 months!  Does she know someone who lives over there - but then she would have had to send them over first, and then have them sent back!  Not only are the return addresses from different people - they are also from different States.  This has me truly baffled.

Any help to solve this or do I have to wait another 4 weeks for the reveal at Retreat?  The retreat this year is in Townsville, north Queensland, a lot warmer at the moment than down here in Victoria.

Will keep you informed as to any more clues etc..


Lindi said...

What a clever Angel you have! ;) I can think of a few ways this could be done.....must remember for next time. lol

Martha said...

Joy, this has to be exciting with happies coming from who knows where! Kind of like a kid waiting for Christmas. Have fun at your retreat.
Martha Ginn