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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Learning to Sew (especially when you ask nicely.....)

During the 4th term school holidays my granddaughter Jorja came for a sleepover.  I had a few things planned for us to do but she asked if she could 'learn to sew patchwork please Nanna, and could I sew on one of your machines?'

Naturally I said yes!  But being unprepared for this I wondered what we could do.  I got out my box of 2.5" inch squares and decided that sewing 4-patch units shouldn't be too hard.  Also as there isn't a lot of sewing not too boring either!  I let her choose how many we would make and also what pieces she wanted to sew with.  Surprisingly she came up with some good choices in contrast and colour, with a lot of thought of who she would give them to also.

 She sewed 8 units as you can see above.  The piece of purple is the colour of the felt I ironed on the back with double sided interfacing.  We decided that they were 'drink/mug coasters'. Both of us were very proud with her efforts.
After she saw the houses I have been sewing she asked if she sew one of those.  Again I let her chose the material, I cut it, and then she sewed them on a foundation.  Admitting that this was much 'harder' but she did finish it.  This one is going home to be placed in her 'Barbie' box of tricks.

I think she did extremely well and now it looks like I will have to have a project to work on ready for next time.

When she got home, mummy and daddy had a very long demonstration on how 'you sew patchwork'. She remembered all the little details, like sewing straight; lining up the seams, etc.