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Thursday, October 29, 2009

New York - Part 2 (b)

It had been arranged for us to visit an exhibition of quilts held in the Williams Club. This was partly organised in conjunction with The City Quilter which we had previously visited.

The quilts were all made by quilters living and/or working in the New York area and were displayed in various rooms of the club. Vary diverse works.

Quite a few versions of Dear Jane as you can see here. Some quite contemporary ones, large and small. It was quite exciting to see our first exhibition on our trip and the standard of work by 'every day quilters' not just the professional ones or award winning quilts. For me, I thought they were all deserving of an award - much different to my standard!!!!

After 4 days in New York, seeing the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, Ground Zero, and a couple of us even did an underground rail trip (Yvonne and myself tried our best to get back from Staten Island via train - caught the wrong one - ended up going through the Bronx area, but eventually got back) Sorry Yvonne, it was a long walk from Times Square back to the hotel!!!!! We then boarded the coach and headed to Lancaster - Amish country.

Stay turned for more.......
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New York - part 2 (a)

After seeing Jersey Boys on Broadway we went to dinner at the Olive Grove, an Italian restaurant about 2 blocks away.

They serve the most delicious cocktails - this was called a 'Mango & Passionfruit' daiquiri.

Very potent, and as you can see by the comparison with the glass of water, not small!! (Note - I only had one)

After dinner we walked the length of Broadway (almost) - what a fantastic sight - so much to see - there were as you can guess so many lights and billboards, also many street vendors and entertainers.

Very, very vibrant atmosphere. Loved everything about it.

Unfortunately I had a photo of me with Elmo but it didn't come out very well - flash wasn't turned on (duh!!)

The next day we went on a walking tour of the 'garment district' of New York.

Fascinating stuff - there is this magnificent bronze sculpture of a man at an old treadle sewing machine and also along one footpath many plaques denoting the various designers that have worked in the area.

We were lucky to be able to go into some warehouses and purchase material off the shelves (mainly dressmaking stuff etc).

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Sunday, October 25, 2009

New York - part 1

We stayed at the Raddison on Lexington. Our first venture into a quilting shop was The City Quilter in New York.

A smallish shop going by the standards of others we went into later in the trip - but about the same size as some of ours in Oz. Heaps of fabric, books and notions that we don't see very much of here. They have their own range of specialist NY fabric - taxis, city skylines, etc and of course I had to buy some! I think just about everyone did.

I know what you're going to say - show us - I will as soon as I my visitors have gone and everyone has seen the goodies. I will then properly unpack the cases - note cases! Sue and myself had to purchase extra - we were very close to the weight limit of 23kgs. But one can have 2 cases with 23 kgs - so that is what we did! Cheaper than paying for excess baggage.......

This was the start of our mission to 'help the US economy situation'.

Our bus driver also took us for a tour of the city highlights. Love the traffic and the pedestrians - lost count of how many we missed!!!! They take no notice of traffic lights.

Getting back to our hotel I looked out our window (our room was on the 8th floor) and saw this very interesting sight. Don't know how it got there, but the car was gone the next day. If I didn't take this photo you would have said I dreamt it!
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Friday, October 23, 2009

Wanderer's return

Hi everyone,
I'm back. What a fantastic trip. Apologies for not posting while away but we were only able to get limited computer access, and family were expecting updates - had to get my priorities right!

I am still getting over jet-lag. It is taking a bit longer than I thought. All up we had 28 hours flying time from Houston-Denver-LA-Sydney, then to Melbourne, with approx 2 hrs at each airport transit lounge, so the full journey to get home was 35 hours. Long, long time to not have a proper sleep, plus the fact that when we left it was Sunday and arrived on Tuesday - Monday was non-existent!!!! It is that infernal 'date-line' we cross when flying over the Pacific. Was thinking about asking someone to move it to the other side of the world - say the Atlantic!!!!

Apart from all of that it was absolutely fantastic. Great people in the tour group, the loveliest of tour guides - Michelle Maher from Travelrite and Michelle Marvig who was so helpful with any questions we had about our purchases. There were many many boxes of goodies sent home and some of us (me included) bought an extra case to bring home, once we worked it out that it was cheaper to do this than post the boxes. On the flights we were allowed 2 cases with 23k in each and as most of us went with one, when the weight was getting very close to the limit before we even arrived in Houston the way to go was to get another case. I can tell you, it didn't take long to fill.

I purchased two small Amish quilts (wallhangings) which I am thrilled with.

As soon as I get my photos sorted out I will post some pics and more little stories as the days go by. I managed to fill 2 x 2gb sim cards in my camera. Not sure how many times I had to charge the batteries!!!!!

Afraid it is getting close to that time of night when I am starting to flag, so need to make a warm drink and off to bed with one of the books/mags I bought.