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Thursday, September 17, 2015


As you all know some time ago I started another hexagon quilt.  This time working the hexagons into stars.  I joined these star shapes into a larger star with a traditional 6-point hexagon in the middle. Now I have began the process of joining them into a quilt.  With the single round of star shapes I sewed 2 rounds of cream hexagons and are using these for the joining pieces.  This has now made a secondary shape in the piece - a 3 pointed star.  As I work through sewing the shapes together it will be more pronounced (hopefully...)

While hand sewing all of the above, I actually finished machining my mat of 1.5" strips.  It now resides by my front door.  Yes, I do allow visitors to step on it!!!!!

This year is Geelong Patchwork & Quilter's Guild's 30th birthday.  All members have been given a piece of cream background with instructions to make a 5" finished, bound, hexagon.  We could 'decorate' the middle anyway we wish and have also been asked to sign it.  These will then be sewn into a large quilt for hanging at our meetings.  Hopefully every financial member will have contributed a hexagon.  This is my contribution - as I love hexagons I appliqued 3 on to mine.