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Friday, March 15, 2013

Scatterdays No.6 - 'D'

Well Scatterdays No.6 is now upon us - this time we have the letter 'D' - and the categories are:
Humorous;  Feet;  Furniture;  and the quilty one Display.

I think this one is the hardest we've had to date.  I thought a couple of the earlier ones were hard, but oh boy! this one, I really had to Dig Down the bottom of the barrel.

Here goes -
Humorous: My favourite funny person(?) of all time - Donald Duck. I have loved this character all my life, even more than Mickey Mouse or Goofy, and where would you find these characters - in Disneyland!!  

This is a photo of the bus that picked us up from our hotel to take you there - Donald and his nephews are on the side. Taken in 2010 when I was lucky to go there with the family.

Feet - what does one do and where does one find a photo of feet starting with the letter 'D'.  I'm a lover of crosswords and one of the most prolific clues is 'Digit';  and the answer is nearly always toes or fingers - my toes are digits.  

Sorry for the ugly photo, but feet are not the most glamorous of things are they?

Furniture - not a lot to choose from here either - we have  divans; desks, but I chose to take a photo of my Display Cabinet. 

In my mother's day this piece of furniture was called a Crystal Cabinet to Display one's crystal pieces.

Quilty Display - starting with 'D'.  This one had me stumped for quite a long time until I started to fiddle with some of my photos and then 'the light globe' turned on - a Digital Display of a collage of some of my quilts.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

A couple of small things

Now that we have just finished having a record stretch of hot days for March - 10 days in a row over 30 degC with nights not going below 20 degC - it has at long last cooled down, well to 27degC today.

Not a lot of sewing got done in these days - I don't have aircon where I sew.  But I did have time to do a couple of small things - the first was putting together this material book for my little GS who will be a year old in May.

I also finished off this cushion cover - an applique pattern that I bought while over in the US in 2009.  Originally I was going to put this as the centre of a quilt, but decided my lounge needed some updating - the cushions that are there now look a bit worse for wear.  I worked out they are over 15 years old - been washed numerous times and a tad faded.  Will make another one but will reverse the colours - green where the red is and red where the green is.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Scatterdays No.5 - 'I'

 Here we are again - the next installment of our Scatterdays challenge.  This week is the letter 'I'.  Our subjects for this letter are: Money;  Tools;  Metal;  and from the sewing room Inchies.  Another tough one.  But I think I have conquered it!!

Money - International Bank Notes.  One needs to have plenty of these when you travel, otherwise you have to use your card and I, for one, am very reluctant to use mine following my first trip to the USA in 2009 when my CC was compromised.

Tools - my father's cast Iron Shoe last - this will probably bring back memories for some of you.  I salvaged this from my father's 'man cave' after he passed away and we were cleaning it out.  I always remember him mending my brother's and my school shoes. I actually now use it for a pot plant stand, but this is a photo without the plant.

Metal - my son's muscle-building Iron weights - I thought about using these for 'Tools' and was going to swap the Shoe Last for these.  There was a time when he had them in his bedroom, until I stubbed my toe while vacuuming - then they were relegated to the shed.  This was before he came back home to live while looking for a new place - BUT they have never come back inside the house!

Inchies from the Sewing Room - my unfinished Postage Stamp Quilt - made with 1.5" squares, sewn to finish at 1".  The black is also cut and sewn to finish at 1".  A big project and is near the top of my UFO list to be finished this year.  Only needs a border and then quilting and binding.  I have no idea how to quilt this one - so any ideas would be most acceptable (as long as they are easy.....I will be doing this on my domestic Pfaff).

There we have it for another fortnight.  Please remember to visit Cinzia's blog - link on right hand side to see everyone else's postings.

Till next time,
Thank you for visiting and take care,