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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A revamp....

of my blog.  As if I haven't enough things to do - I have to go and revamp the blog.  Thought it was looking a tad tired.  Had a look at the new Blogger bits and pieces, followed some directions, made a few mistakes and had to go back and correct, but think I have now finished.  I like the background - just a pity you can't see the whole picture of the ocean - looks fabulous, but of course the blog itself has to go on top. Made the columns a bit wider and have been able to put a frame around the photos - I think it makes them clearer - what do you think?
Anyway, have had my play for the day (actually it is am at the moment, so think I should go and get my beauty sleep!).  If you are reading this please let me know if you like what I have done or prefer me to go back the 'old ways' of the previous settings....
Thanks,   Joy

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Finished siggie quilt

I'm a member of the Australian quilting on-line group called Southern Cross Quilters (or Scquilters for short) and they have a retreat each year, held in a different part of the country.  Last yeat (about this time) it was in Adelaide and I was supposed to go. Long story.  Anyway, one of the activities they have for us is a 'siggie square' swap.  Those that want to go make as many as needed - last year it was approx 70-80 (last year I don't remember back that far....).  A dear friend Lee-Allan went and she got as many squares for me as she could, also had each person put their name and address on an envelope, so I could send mine back to them.  A lot of work for Lee-Allan and much appreciated by me.  Well, after putting them together in a reasonable way and quilting it I managed to finish the binding yesterday - Yay!!! Here is the finished result:
Sorry about the angle of the image, but I don't have a bigger wall to put it on and I have to take the photo from an angle in the doorway of the spare room. Anyway I'm happy with the results.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

What the Postman delivered today -

was two parcels - one with my long awaited copy of  the awe-inspring book '500 Art Quilts' and the other the first issue of 'Down Under Textiles' - a newly locally published textile magazine.  Both have been on order for a little while and I was beginning to wonder if they had forgotten me.....  Have heard others had received theirs a couple of weeks ago, but mine were still coming.  Happy now - the only question I have is which one will I read first???

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

My International outgoing mail...

I can now post a pic of two cards that I recently sent overseas.  Have just heard they have arrived at their destinations.

The first one here is a postcard sent to Liz in Kansas USA, for the StitchinFingers FPC group birthday swap.  I used a piece of Indian woven cotton for the background and added some beads and stitching.  A similar one was sent to Susan in Lancashire, UK.  Sorry Gina, if you're reading this, for your birthday next month, I will have something different for you.

This ATC is also for a Stitchin Fingers 1-1 swap for the month of February - subject was Black and White with one other colour.  I chose to do a stylised applique tulip and used the 'other colour' for the edging.  Unfortunately the edging is a lot brighter than it shows here - I used an embroidery thread for the stitching.  It went to Hopscotch in North Wales, UK.
I am also participating in an International Block Swap on Facebook.  It is a centralised swap and there is approx 100 of us in this swap, being co-ordinated by Ruth in Canada.  Today I posted 102 blocks to her.  The rules for the squares was - 6.5 in finished;  white on white for the main piece and batiks for the corners.  The more variety the better. This is a sampling of 4 squares that are in my parcel winging their way across the big pond between us and Canada.

My local Aussie PO has been really pleased to see me lately - all my mail has been international - have to keep the posties of the world in employment!  I do love getting mail from these swaps, it sure beats the 'window-faced' envelopes which usually have bills in them.