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Thursday, December 16, 2010

I had forgotten about this one..

When searching through all my photo files on the computer looking for a specific photo of a specific quilt I came across this little one.  I had forgotten I made it. Duh.  It is a little 12"x10" quilt made for one the challenges for a little art group I used to belong to.  I have forgotten exactly what the theme was but looking at my notes (which I have kept with the quilt - wasn't that clever of me!!) it had to do with links or linking.
My background was a piece of furnishing material which is quite heavily stitched with different threads and gives it lovely texture.  I then overprinted with a simple edged square stamp (you can see one in the middle with the star button).  I then added three triangles in four blocks around the centre star to represent my three boys, and the fact that we had moved 4 times in our lives.  I couched some copper wire joining the triangles with each other and then towards the centre star which is the hub and centre of our world - our home.  I couched some woollen thread for the border and used a wooden toggle to hang it with.

On the left of the little quitlet are symbols representing where we have lived - in the hills just outside Melbourne with very very tall gum tress and then we came to Anglesea and the sea.

I thought this little quilt was lost when I had to pack up my sewing room towards the end of last year, for the painters to come in.  By the way, I still haven't found what I was looking for.....maybe it is in that 'safe place' we all have.!!

Bye for now, take care,

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