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Monday, July 27, 2009

Is there anyone out there?????

As mentioned in an earlier post I have been very excited about booking a tour to the US in October and visiting the Quilt Festival in Houston. Well today I had a call from the tour company to say that the girl I had been paired with to share rooms has pulled out. Ok, you say no problems you didn't know her, it doesn't impact on you going... Well it does - because the accommodation is twin-share I may have to pay the single supplement ($A2,800). that puts a real damper on my going - it is more money than I had planned to use for spending and makes the trip way out of what I can afford.

SO - if anyone is reading this and has been thinking of doing this trip, please please please give it a lot of thought and join me. I can assure you I'm not an 'axe murderer' - I am a nice person, generally happy (except for right now!!).

My only hope is if someone else pulls out - then I can share with the other 'odd' person or if someone joins us and they can share with me!

The link to the tour is here.
Thank you

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