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Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I'm a member of Around the World in 20 Quilts - a small group of art quilters from Australia, US, UK and Europe who make a small art quilt 4 times a year to a chosen theme. Today 30 June is the final day for the unveiling of our quilts for this quarter. During the period between quilts we post little snippets as 'teasers' and it is very interesting and sometimes very surprising to see the finished quilt. You get an idea of what you think it might be, but when the final posting is shown quite often the quilt is not at all like you pictured it would be.

Some of us (myself included!) leave it to the last minute to finish off our quilts but we still get it done. The moderator of the group Linda keeps us on our toes.

This pic is of my quilt for this particular theme which was 'Connections'.
I worked on the connections between family and friends and the 4 sets of triangles represent my 3 sons and the 4th is for friends, with myself as the 'star' in the middle. I first tried a heart but it didn't work, probably because of the soft lines, whereas a star has harder lines and points which seemed to blend in more with the triangles. The three tiles on the left are for my boys again, but are aligned this way for DS2 who lives in northern Australia (Noosa Qld) and DS1 & DS2 who both live in southern Vic (Melb and Anglesea) and are also by the ocean (like myself) which the two smaller tiles next to them represent. I chose furnishing fabric for the background for the colours of the sand, the swirling of the ocean and green for the bush which surrounds me. I edged this little quilt with string and threaded it through a toggle at the top which 'binds everything together'.
I am quite pleased with how it turned out. I've been a traditional quilter for some 10 years now and I love doing these little quilties as it get me out of my comfort zone and I'm also learning heaps.

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morningDove said...

i love your flying geese and star in the middle. this is a wonderful quilt. and welcome to the land of blogging.