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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Scatterdays, Week 3 - Q

'Q' Cinzia says is the letter for this week. 'Q'??? Not many pages of words in the good old Oxford that start with 'Q'.  We have the task of finding - a plant;  night-time;  something healthy; and something Quick from the Sewing Room.  Q.  The little grey cells in my head have worked overtime on this one.  But I did find some Q items.

Plant - Quince Tree.  You will find this tree in many older Australian family backyards.  Not a good eating fruit without first cooking it, and not very pretty looking either;  in fact rather ugly with a wrinkled tough skin. But it's like the ugly duckling - absolutely delicious when made into jam or jelly. A favourite of mine.

Night-time - Queue's - there is nothing like New York's theatre district at night.

The footpaths are chock full of people waiting, waiting, waiting in queues to get into a theatre for a play or to see a movie.  This photo is of one such crowd jostling to get in to see Mary Poppins at the Amsterdam Theatre, just off Broadway.  We were lucky as we had pre-purchased tickets and could wind our way through.  I actually had to hold my camera high to get this head shot, otherwise all you would have seen is bodies!!!!

It's not quite dark, but around 7.45 pm, so it is night-time, just not dark!!!

Healthy - My breakfast - Quick Oats - I love porridge for breakfast, especially in the winter, with hot milk, honey and dried fruits.  Yum.  There are a lot of brands around, but this one, even though it's generic, I like the way it cooks.

Last but not least is Something 'Quick from the Sewing Room' 

- easy peasy - from my ever so bendy bookcase - a copy of the book Quick Quilts.  Of course I've never made anything from it , yet!  But I will one day...... I think that is a quilter's muse - I will make that one day!

That's it for this week, wonder what Cinzia has in store for us next - hope it's not 'X'.


jacaranda said...

Great photos and ideas for Q. I am a porridge eater with honey, even in summer. NY, brings back memories of the Lion King.

PamelaJ said...

Oh I love the quince tree I wish I had one in my garden Quince Jelly or Quince paste yum ...

Vireya said...

Your night-time queue is unique! Sounds like a wonderful experience.

aubirdwoman said...

oh well done, very original queue and why didn't I think of Quick oats lol, maybe Cinzia will forget there is an X. But I wont hold my breath on that
also well done to your Son.

Pauline said...

Such memory reminders! Haven't had quinces for years and see them so infrequently in markets. Am an oats gal too...with some fruit thrown in.
I have the same book and found it inspiring.
I think you may have helped me a bout 3 years ago when Iwas desperately seeking a beige and red toile to complete a top? I finished it. But it's still a top!

Joy V said...

Have tried to reply to you Pauline, but you come up as a 'non-reply' blogger. Thanks for visiting, I'm not sure if it was me who helped you with the material, but would love to see a photo of the quilt top. Joy