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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Saving a Post Office

At least I hope we are!!!

A couple of weeks ago my friend Jenni posted an interesting story about a beautiful little Post Office in the US which if USPS has it's way it might close.  You can read about it here on Jane's blog.  Jane the owner of this little PO is also a mixed media artist and she thought it would be great if people sent her a postcard and she will post one back, depending on how many she received and to limit herself to posting back to the first 100.  Jane wrote about it here and you can see a photo of the quaint little post office.

I thought this a great idea and have loved sending postcards and receiving them in the past with exchanges.  So I looked into my box of goodies that I have for such things and found one that wasn't quite finished.  Just needed the backing and zig zagging around the edges.  Off it went.  This is what I sent to Jane:

I have been waiting to post, just in case it hadn't arrived. Today Jane posted on FB that she has received over 700 cards!!  How fantastic is that!! A tough decision to make to send back cards, but she said she is trying to upload ALL she has received (what a huge job that will be) and she is going to try and reply to all the international ones she has received. Upon checking her uploads I found mine, yeah it arrived safely after it's loooooong flight the great big pond.

Isn't it great with today's technology and the generosity of crafts people over the world that we can all help in a small way.  Let's hope so.  It bring us so much closer together as a society - a pity there are some out there (I won't name names, I don't want to get political....) don't take a leaf out of our books and try a few of these  practices!

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jacaranda said...

Flying Geese, that's a great postcard. I have been looking at Janes Gallery and saw yours. I suggested to her that she eventually make a book. Love them all.