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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Stashbusters and Bedford Mystery

Some time back I joined the Yahoo Group 'Stashbusters'.  I was told by a friend that it was the best chatty group to get you motivated to use your stash before you shop.  They call it 'shopping your stash'.  Plus they have a zillion ideas on quilts, quilting, patterns, ways and means of using your leftovers AND also challenges which you can join in if you wish.

Well, I have been challenged!  I joined the UFO busting challenge for 2013.  The idea is you list your UFOs, not necessarily all of them, some do, I didn't!  A list of participants is then organised (by ballot and numbered);  when you have fully completed a project you let the coordinator know and post a pic in the files. You are then placed at the bottom of said list - you don't want to be at the top and become 'Queen'  for a week and pay a penalty of one WHOLE Fat Quarter, and tell a little about yourself and  confess why you haven't completed a UFO.  This is not a new quilt just started this year but a UFO leftover from previous years.  There are no winners only Queens!  During the year and at the end of the challenge the Fat Qtrs go into bundles and names are drawn out to receive them.

Last week I checked and found that I had moved from No.28 up to No.8, so I spent this past weekend sewing like a mad thing and finished this quilt.

It's called 'Bedford Mystery' and was part of my local group's challenge 2+? years ago.  It was suggested by one of our members Dallas. A group of quilters in South Aust bi-annually organise a mystery quilt to raise money for their chosen charity Bedford Industries.  This organisation employs handicapped people doing meaningful tasks and also helps them to become independent citizens to be able to live in the community.  We each payed for the use of their pattern and used our own stash.  You can opt to choose to receive a kit from them if you wish.

If you would like to know more about this - their next mystery will be 2014 - go to the link here.

Now I must go and sort the rest of my UFOs - what a headache, but at least I now hope to get more finished.  That has to be a good thing don't you think?

How many UFOs do you have - are you game to let me know????


katelnorth said...

Not confessing! Although, if you only count works in progress and not finished tops waiting to be quilted, it's not so bad :)

Frances Leate said...

Great quilt Joy and I am definitely not listing my current UFOs although I am hoping there will be less by 2014. Take care.

Dorothy said...

I like to call mine WIP's. because I'm constantly working on one of them.

Gina E. said...

A belated Happy New Year, Joy! Two years ago my NY resolution was to work all year just on my UFOs and I stuck to it. I was so pleased at the end of that year to have completed about a dozen of them! At the same time I made a decision to finish new projects once I started them, and therefore not end up with so many UFOs. I'd done pretty well in that area too, but of course there are a few UFOs still lurking in the cupboard...