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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Scatterdays Week 1 - W

Well here we are, the first of (hopefully) many interesting postings.  The letter that Cinzia chose for us was 'W' and the categories - expensive;  musical;  exciting and the quilt related category WIP (that was the easy one...)

At first I thought great - I can do this!  BUT, it was actually harder to find subject matter in the short time, especially with Christmas and New Year, and the fact that I haven't been out much.  (a Sad life....)

Anyway, I have got the pictures, albeit a tad 'tongue in cheek'.

Expensive - my new Washing Machine - If I had left it to the next week it would have been cheaper - the store had it on sale, so to me 'Expensive'!

Musical - a Warbling White Yellow-Crested Cockatoo in my backyard having a feast in my Wattle Tree. A side note for anyone not familiar with them - they may look like beautiful birds which they are, BUT they are also very destructive.  Quite often seen eating the wood around the windows and balconies of houses.  If you get a bunch of them they can strip your trees bare and then they leave the mess on the ground for you to clean up (while they watch from another tree!!!)  They also live to a ripe-old age up to 90 or 100.  Some people have them as pets and they can actually be trained to speak and do tricks.

Exciting - 'Watching' my DGD - Jorja, 'Whirling' on the 'Whirlygig' in the local park"  Apologies for cutting it off half-way, but there were other children on the front of it and I don't have the parents permission to post.

WIP - the easy one - 'White' with red and blue stars -  this particular top I'm sending off to Diane in the US who is a representative for Quilts of Valor.  I bought the material and the pattern when in the US in 2009, just finished making up the top and thought she would love to have it.  It is already Winging its way to her in Utah.  Hopefully it will go to a 'W'!!!   Wish I could say it had 'w' seams, but in this case they are 'y' seams.

Don't forget to check Cinzia's blog and have a look at some of the others playing along. I'm sure you'll find some interesting posts.

ps Just realised I used 'Oz speak' when I said 'a bunch of them' in the paragraph on the Cockatoo - it simply means if you have a 'group' of something.



Vireya said...

I smiled at the idea of "musical" cockies! A neighbour has one he caught 39 years ago. (Not legal now, may not have been legal then.) It wanders around his yard, and sits on his front fence greeting the passers-by. You can hear its screeches for several hundred metres.

cinzia said...

I assume from your loving comments about the white cockatoo they visit you often and are not the kind of guest one invites back....unlike the bubbly whirler.

Ozjane said...

I hope I avoid those white goods expenses this year. Quilt is looking good.

jacaranda said...

The musical cockatoos are driving us mad up here. Love your photos, can't wait to see what you photograph for the next round.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I must agree with Vireya about the musical-ness of the cockatoos! ;-))
And we say "a bunch of..." here, too, Joy!

Anonymous said...

Yes, I must agree with Vireya about the musical-ness of the cockatoos! ;-))
And we say "a bunch of..." here, too, Joy!

Daphne Greig said...

What a lovely gift for Quilts of Valor! I'm enjoying seeing lots of W's from Australia since I live in Canada.

Sue said...

WE too have been plagued by white cockatoos this summer. No plums or figs for us this year.

Love your quilt colours.

aubirdwoman said...

great photos and imagination. I too found it hard until I got my brain into gear lol.
Thanks for visiting my blog.

Julie said...

Love, Love, Love your quilt! it is spectacular!

OneLittleThread said...

Oh I miss Cockys and I feel your washing machine pain!
Alison, who holidayed in Anglesea as a kid from Colac :)

Liz Needle said...

Creayive 'W' ideas. I found this one particularly hard and had to stretch my brain a bit. You must have different cockatoos at your place. LOL!! I'd love some 'musical' ones.