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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Scatterdays No.2 - 'R'

Well here we are.  The next posting for Scatterdays.  This week the letter is 'R'.  Our categories are; mammal, technology, transport, and something Red from the sewing room.

Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer
This activity is certainly testing my brain, but it's good fun.

Mammal - I can think of quite a few that begin with 'R', BUT how do I get to photograph them, unless I make a trip to the Zoo!  So, I thought, think Joy.....I decided to go outside the square - and here is my 'R' mammal - OK, deers don't start with R but they are mammals and Rudolph would be the most famous of them all.

Then we come to technology - I'm not a techno person, so here I was stumbling again.  We have come so far with technology it is difficult to know where to begin looking.  I decided to go back in history with this one and then come straight to the modern day with a photo from my trip to the US in Nov 2009 - NASA in Houston.  Consequently two photos for technology - one 'olden days' and one 'modern days'.

How many of us remember the original Radio.  What an invention this was!!!  Families would sit around together after dinner and listen to the serials and the news. Dad didn't have to read the paper!  It always took pride of place in our lounge rooms, similar to the large interactive TVs of today.

Now up to the fantastic technology of today.  We have these things called computers - no need to have them wired in. We can talk to our friends through all types of media and send messages, keep in touch, read books, and kids can do their homework on them.

But none of these begin with 'R'.

Rockets do.  These two are in a fenced off area at NASA and are huge structures.  The building in the background is 3 stories high, so imagine the height of these two Rockets.  We saw these as part of the tour of the facility.

Next we have transport - again I go back in history - the old train that was commonly known as The Red Rattler, and Rattle it did!  I used to catch this train everyday as a young lady when I worked in the city, jammed in with the other commuters. Ah, the memories of those journeys.

Last - Red from the sewing room.  This I have plenty of, but thought I would take a pic of my Red Sewing Basket that I take with me when going to my local group or guild.  It has everything I need in it, my sewing and supplies; and most importantly my Red mug for coffee. My needles and threads are also in a Red container!

Well there we have it for this posting, don't forget to check the others by going to the link in the right hand side of this blog under Scatterday, Cinzia's blog and there you will find a listing of everyone who is participating.


Frances Leate said...

Some good choices Joy and a very entertaining post. Take care.

jacaranda said...

Brilliant photos Joy and well thought of. I remember the old red rattler that I to went to work on also. Perhaps we caught the same train as it stoped at my station. Memories!!!

Vireya said...

Great photo collection!

Your red rattler brings back memories of my early working life, too. Like hoping to get a seat in the non-smoking carriage so I wasn't stuck in the smoke for the 1 hour trip to the city.

aubirdwoman said...

splendid post... I too could think of so many things but NOT the R word.

Jenny said...

Lots of great choices of the letter R!

cinzia said...

Snap on the reindeer. Had forgotten about the rattler.

Liz Needle said...

Great minds and all that. I too thought of Rudolp and the radio. I love your Red rattler.

Sue said...

I miss the 'red rattlers' they always made a trip seem like an adventure. Great photos.

Pauline said...

Thanks for the radio memories, Joy and all the rich reds.

Julie said...

You came through Joy, and with very clever choices too! Not looking forward to Q - OMG!!!