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Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Well, after some time being absent I'm now back.  A couple of family traumas; 2 weekends away on retreats; and then a stupid debilitating allergy to deal with.  Fingers crossed, all is now OK.

I finally got around to taking pics of the last of the ATCs that I received from the International Swap - so here they are:

This very pretty one is from Joy S in Australia.  Some beautiful stitching and glitter.

This next one is from Beate in Germany with it's cute little heart and lovely lace edging.

This very pretty green card is from Margeeth in The Netherlands.  Margeeth has used some tissue and painted effects on her card.

The lovely daisy card is from Jo in the UK.  Jo has used raw applique technique on this card.

The delicious looking icecream is from Kelly H in Minnesota, USA.  Kelly has used hand dyed fabric with metallic thread in the stitching.  Yummy.

The next card is from Susana in Spain - lots of lovely threads have been used on this card.

Another card from Australia - from Andrea H in Tasmania.  Have a look at the absolutely beautiful scenery of the area in Tassie where she lives.  Stunning.  Her card is felted with woollen materials, ribbon, and scrim.

The last one is from Leah ( in the US.  It is one of her 'Fortune Cookie' series, freemotioned stitched and put onto card stock.


Anonymous said...

Nice Postcards. I too go to Ellen Ann Eddy's site.If you are doing frr motion sewing it's a Must See.

Frances Leate said...

Great to have you back with us as I have missed your posts. Lovely to see the ATCs - what a wonderful collection you have received. Take care.

Radka said...

Good to see you back, Joy! What a lot of lovely cards:) Thank you for visiting, the bazaar was a first one close to home, very busy, so I could not take good pictures:( You can see better on Niki's blog, I think she took her pictures before it opened.

Gina E. said...

Hi Joy, sorry to hear you've had a rough trot over the past few months, but it is good to see you back in blogland fit and well! Your ATCs are all gorgeous; makes me want to get involved again, but I'm staying committed to my UFOs for the time being.