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Monday, February 8, 2016

Circles/Rings, whatever you like to call them...

Some time last year I attended a workshop with Brenda Gael Smith (Serendipity Patchwork), a well known and award winning quilt artist.  The class was on template free cutting and sewing.

I was slightly nervous about this template free cutting thing - I like to be precise in what I am working on.  Brenda gave out her instructions with a practice pattern and material to go with it.  As I wasn't using my own material I thought - give it a go - no harm lost, no material wasted....

When we were finished with our practice blocks Brenda put them all up on a design wall - and guess what - they looked fabulous.  Everyone had slightly different material and we all cut our blocks differently yet they looked great when put together.

After a cuppa and some morning tea it was down to work.  We cut and cut and then worked with our background blocks and started to arrange our circles. I only had time to complete (but not sew down) about 6 blocks.  This last couple of days while sitting with my foot elevated as something nasty bit me (and if I catch it, I will kill it!!!!) and because of the infection it left me with; I decided to get my circles/rings out and work on some more.

I could cut sitting down and also had my iron next to me, so was able to iron everything down.  On the right is a temporary display on my design wall of my 'rings'.

Decided to call them rings as they are not quite circles...if you know what I mean.  Now to get them sewn down before they fall off.

Check out Brenda's work by following the link above or the one here.


Jeann of Melton said...

It is looking interesting, Joy. Our room at Winter School is going to be colourful!

jacaranda said...

Love your colours Joy, all 3 quilts will look totally different at Winter School. Brighten up our room.

Jeanette said...

What a clever technique Brenda used to get you all on board with her process. Love your rings.