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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Step 4 - Allietare

Step 4 was typical of Bonnie Hunter and her mysteries.  A lot of sewing, sorting and cutting.

We had to make 30 sets of four blocks.  Each set had to have the same red, the same black, but a variety of neutrals.  This is one set of 4.  They finish at 3.5" x 4.5"

When I finished this mammoth task I downloaded Step 5. Unfortunately NOT the reveal - there is still Step 6 to come..... This bit of sewing is only a small part of this step, but was all I could get done before going to Melbourne tomorrow.  We need 16 pairs of these.
When I return on Friday, hopefully will be able to proceed with the rest of this step.

Then it is on to Step 6 and the reveal!!!!!  Which is the instructions for putting all these pieces together.   

1 comment:

jacaranda said...

Looking forward to your reveal, it is amazing to see how different each quilt top is with the different shades of colours everyone has chosen.