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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

A tad late for a Mother's Day posting

But I completely forgot to post this beautiful photo of my granddaughter Jorja.  She was soooooo pleased with this book she found at her local library she had to bring it to show me.  She said "it is so like you Nanna, but of course you're not a turtle"!!!!!
We don't 'do' Mother's Day in my household.  It has always been about the family being together - especially now as we don't all live in the same area.  Albeit only a maximum of 1.5 hours drive, but with everyone's commitments re work hours, kid's commitments etc.  BUT I do love a lovely bunch of flowers - these roses are stunning - a beautiful orange with slightly pink on the edge of the outer petals.  Never seen this colour of rose before.  Maybe someone can tell me the name, please.

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