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Monday, April 13, 2015

A little extra clue and why I haven't been blogging

I have been away from Blogland and the computer for most of the past month due to an operation on my left eye.  I wasn't able to drive for a couple of weeks and only minimum use of computer.  No sewing, or very little, not much tv - I was nearly climbing the walls. What does one do - no driving, no tv, no sewing, no reading.  All that is left is walking, eating and sleeping.  Anyway all is OK now.

The last couple of days I have been back at the sewing machine and have been working on my red/white quilt.  The one I showed you a teaser of in my last post.  Here is a little bit more for you to ponder -

You should be able to have a reasonably good guess at it now.  Presently I'm in the middle of pinning it prior to quilting.  Hopefully will have a finished photo in the new few days.

1 comment:

jacaranda said...

So pleased your eye is recovering. Is this quilt for a lucky little person? Intriguing, love the red fabrics you are using.