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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Votes for Women next set of blocks

I have completed another set of 8 blocks from Barbara Brackman's BOW acknowledging the strong women of the Suffragette movements around the world. Please excuse the edges as I'm not trimming until all the blocks are completed, so at the moment they look a little ragged, poor things!

I'm really pleased with my choice of sticking with the original colour scheme that the Women's Movements at that time had chosen for their message. With the addition of gold/cheddar which the Australian movement and some of the American women used it's adding a bit of 'zing' to whole scheme. I'm starting to get a tad excited about this quilt and want to work on it all the time.

At the moment I'm having an enforced rest from machine sewing - my dear Pfaff is at the doctor's - not well at all - the motherboard needs to be replaced. She just ran out of puff while I was sewing the other day and just stopped.  Just as well I had finished what I was doing and went over to the iron to press, came back and found the machine had 'turned off'.  Tried a number of different plugs and, nope she wouldn't work.

For the next couple of weeks it is hand sewing for me - and do I have a lot of that!!! 


Bonnie said...

Your blocks look great. I have so many UFOs that I'm trying hard to NOT start anything....except I'm looking at Bonnie Hunter's latest mystery....

No fun when the machine goes down. But I too could be doing a lot of hand stitching. You'll be happy to have some of that done by the time the machine comes back.

jacaranda said...

Looking good Joy. Your machine will be as good as new when it comes home. I am trying to finish the hand sewing of the Sentinal, by the time it is finished, will be wanting a change to machine sewing.

Frances Leate said...

Great blocks Joy and hope you are able to get back to machine quilting soon - you could always hand piece them. I sympathise about the machine as this happened to me many years ago and it is why I am now a multi machine person.

Linda Stokes said...

Impressive blocks! Hope you have your machine back by now - lucky you like hand sewing. I have a Pfaff too - about 25 years old & still going well.
Thanks for commenting on my post.