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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Civil War, Reproduction and Barbara Brackman's BOW

Last year Barbara Brackman of Civil War fame published another Block of the Week (BOW). Every time she has done this, I tell myself, must do, must do!  But - while I downloaded all the patterns I have never started one - you know, one day etc etc.

With this last one that she called 'Grandmother's Choice' and after reading the preamble for this BOW, I knew this was one I would HAVE to do!  She chose to represent women and their fight for equal rights, in particular the right to vote.  Every block is a representation of a particular woman in different countries around the world.  Even though I'm not a 'feminist' I do believe in equal rights.  As I wanted to make it in colours that represent the various Suffragette movements and also to keep to fabrics that weren't 'too modern' I began collecting (as if I don't have enough anyway!!)

The main movement used the colours - Purple (for Dignity); White (for Purity); and Green (for Hope). The Australian women used these colours but also included Gold/yellow, but very little white.  The gold that was used was very similar to what call today 'cheddar'.  I based my choice of fabrics around these colours.
A fortnight ago I went to a quilt camp and looking for a project to do, I gathered up all my sorted fabrics, printed off the patterns and took the project along.  Not a lot of sewing was done, but heaps of chatter, laughter, eating etc.  But I did manage to cut and sew 4 blocks.

This weekend I made another 4.  These are in no particular order - just as I printed off the pattern/templates and chose the material I wished to use.

None of the blocks have been trimmed - leaving that until the last one is made, then will do the lot at once.

My plan is (??) to complete two blocks per week. That's the plan I hope!!

If you wish to read more and see all of the blocks, go over to Barbara's blog 'Grandmother's Choice' here, or check out the link on my side bar.


Frances Leate said...

This is really my sort of project Joy but I haven't allowed myself to get involved yet - at least not until I put together my 51 Barbara Brackman Civil War blocks. Your blocks look great and I love your fabric selection. Take care.

Gina E. said...

Two blocks a week would be quite achievable I guess...if there were no other things to slow you down, like housework!

Sharon~Two Bits Patches said...

I've started on of Brackman's BOMs and I've bought one of her books - but haven't made much progress. Your blocks look great, how to see some more.

jacaranda said...

Love your choice of colours Joy and especially the meaning of each one. Pleased you had a great time at camp, what a way to enjoy the weekend, relaxing with friends and a little sewing thrown in for good measure.