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Friday, September 6, 2013

Seattle - before Alaska

The next chapter in my trip was 3 days in Seattle.  A really beautiful city, nestled around the bays and with mountains in the background.

One of the many attractions you must see is the Pike Street Farmers Market.  A very busy, fun place with lots and lots of stalls, shops, things to see.

We did the 'Tastes of Seattle Tour' which took around 2 hours - with so many things to taste we didn't need to have lunch.  Our guide was Santino and he carried a pink umbrella so we wouldn't get lost.  They also give you headphones so one can hear what Santino is saying.

Another fabulous attraction is the Chihuly Glass Garden which is located at the base of the Seattle Needle.  What a garden - best seen at night.  The magnificent glass sculptures are located in various parts of the garden, on the roof, and inside as part of the exhibition.  You can see by the one above how tall some of them are.  That's Bernice, my roomie, taking a photo.


Jeann of Melton said...

Loved the idea of the pink umbrella and headphone. Those glass sculptures were stunning.

jacaranda said...

Thank you Joy, great photos, would love to see the glass sculptures. Did you catch a fish at Pikes? Look forward to the next installment of your trip.