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Monday, April 1, 2013

A finish and a WIP

Working through my collection of Japanese fabrics I discovered quite a few 3" squares, and wanting something to do which didn't stretch my brain too much, sewed them into squares and then sashed and bordered them with a navy blue.  I tried black but it was a tad harsh.
 Still had a lot of squares left, so decided to cut them in half and make a 'Japanese Coin' quilt. Had enough of the blue to sash in between the rows, but not enough for a border, thankfully, as I didn't want to same look.  Now I have to decide what to do for borders - will probably keep it on my design wall for the time being and audition different types as I decide what is the best.  Apologies for the shadow on the photo but I use the wall just outside the room where I sew and have to take a photo looking from side.
Still have heaps of fabric left, plenty of Fat 1/4s and half yards.  As it's not my style or choice now thinking EBay may be a good option.


jacaranda said...

Great quilts Joy, what a good way to use up the fabric. Hope you had a happy Easter.

Frances Leate said...

Great looking quilts Joy and a great use for all those Japanese fabrics. Hope you had a happy Easter. Take care.

Gina E. said...

I LOVE Japanese fabrics, and have heaps, but found it hard to decide what to make. You have inspired me now!

Linda Stokes said...

They look great - well done!