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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Scatterdays - a fun activity to do

Recently one of the girls in Quilting Down Under group (Cinzia) suggested we have a bit of fun with our blogs and for those interested we have what she called 'Scatterdays'.  Every Saturday she will post a letter (from the alphabet) with 4 different categories (one which is related to Quilting).  Participants will have one week to find and photograph one item for each category and upload it to their blog.  The following Sat everyone will cruise around to check what has been found.

Then you start again for the following week.

It begins today!  Because it is close to Christmas we have 2 weeks to complete our first task.  Letter and categories have been sent - not sure if I can mention them here or have to wait till the unveiling of the photos in a fortnight's time.  Unfortunately, you are going to have to wait....a tad sad, but that's the game.

Over on the right side of the my blog is a list of the participants so if you wish when the postings are up you can check out the other photos.  This is going to be fun and a bit challenging.

I will name the postings 'Scatterdays 1/2/3 etc' - this will make it easier for you to find.


Martha said...

Joy, this sounds fascinating; I'll be checking back to see some of the blogs.
Merry Christmas!
Martha Ginn

Radka said...

Have a wonderful Christmas, Joy! xx