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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Slowly, but getting there

Well, as you can see I'm slowly getting the blog back to normal.  It is a slow process as I need to look at each post and fix one at a time.  The longest part of the process is searching and finding the correct photo.  Unfortunately in some cases a few photos were downloaded directly from my camera and I have no way of retrieving these photos. 

I was told about a great free site - 'Recuva' to download - this program searches your hard drive for any files/photos that you have deleted.  It searches all drives on your computer and it can take a while for this to happen - but oh boy! it recovers any file/photo/site that you may have looked at (even those that you hadn't actually saved).  When finished searching it came up with over 7,000 images, and I didn't click on ALL, just images.  Imagine if I clicked 'all' that would mean each and every file/site/page etc I have looked at since I've had the computer!!!!!  A tad scary.  At the time it got me thinking - this is a free download, what do the authorities (ie police etc) have to use when checking a criminal's or suspect's computer!!  Nowhere to hide these days.

Hopefully by the end of the week I will have recovered most of my pictures - those that I can't, I will edit the posting to reflect no available photo, or delete altogether.

Then I can get back to posting in the proper manner. Till then, take care and enjoy life.

Joy V

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