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Friday, September 7, 2012

Not Happy Jan!!!

Have just received an email telling me that unfortunately, my photos can't be retrieved.  Not happy!!!

Apparently, when using Picasa to store one's photos, if you do a clean-up like I did recently and deleted some photos that I thought I wouldn't need any more, because (a) they weren't relevant; and (b) I had them on my blog anyway.  Well, deleting them from Picasa also deletes them from your blog!!!  I have just sent a rather 'not-so-nice' email back to say there is no warning about this on either Picasa or Blogger and I just may consider changing my blog across to WordPress or taking out a domain name myself. 

Another thing I found out was that with the new smart phones - if you have them integrated with your computer, ie a gmail address etc; then all your photos on your blog can appear on your phone.  This also happened to me and as they took up a lot of space on my phone, I deleted these also, about the same time as the clean-up.  A big NO. NO.  This will also delete them from your applications, such as your blog etc. That is two ways you can have a problem with your blog, AND again no warnings.

The upshot of all of this, is that I now have to go and delete all those nasty black blobs on my blog and try and find the photos and repost them.  Unfortunately some can't be replaced, but luckily the latest postings I can retrieve as I have them backed-up on an external drive.  This is going to be a loooooong saga, but hopefully by doing a few each day it wont be too long.  There will be some very old posts that wont have photos anymore, but unfortunately I will just have to edit them and take out any reference to a photo.

Time to have a glass of red and chill out a bit I think before I tackle this rather large undertaking.

Be aware dear readers, what you delete from your computer....


jacaranda said...

What are you doing posting on your blog, when Hawthorn are playing? Thought you would have been watching the game. Thanks for the tip Joy re. Picasa. With my new computer up load I have put all the photos I want on to memory sticks. Now I can't remember where I put the sticks!!!

Radka said...

Well, I think I would need more then just one glass of red, or possibly something stronger! That sounds like a nightmare.

Annette said...

Joy another Scquilter had the same problem, there is a program named something like Recuva where you can retrieve your photos, maybe ask on Scquilter list. Hope you find your treasures.