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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The beauty of nature

Recently we have had some rain here on the coast and this has made our grass turn from brown to green - yes, in the hot summer months we grow brown grass.  After some good rain the new grass is green and very much sort after by the local wildlife.

These beauties here are King Parrots - very similar to the Rosella, but larger and brighter red.  The ones with the green heads are the females.  What you see in the background is from the kangaroos that visit at night!!

Even though they are wild they are also very tame when it comes to humans and as you can see Warwick (DS3) is feeding them some native seeds and they are literally eating out of his hand, in fact one is actually standing on his arm.

(my apologies - these are two photos that were deleted - I still haven't found a copy of them)


Linda Stokes said...

Lovely colourful parrots. We have lots of wildlife too - have just been sitting outside watching young bandicoots foraging for food & we have many different birds that come to eat the seeds we put in hanging baskets on our veranda.
Thanks for your comment on my bag.

jacaranda said...

Beautiful colours. We have rosellas in our neighbour's trees at the moment, the first time in many years since I have seen them there.

Martha said...

Oh, my, the King Parrots are so beautiful. And I see that they will overlook their fear of humans if food is involved. We have skinny little squirrels that can clean out a bird feeder in short order. But they're not nearly as beautiful as your parrots.
Martha Ginn

Gina E. said...

I've just seen this on your blog now (May 10) - can't believe I haven't visited you for so long! We get the King Parrots here from time to time; in fact two pairs were here yesterday and I was able to snap not as clear as yours though:-(