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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Step 7 completed!!

The end is nigh!

Last night I completed Step 7 of Bonnie's Orca Mystery quilt.  You know all those black and neutral triangle groups I sewed in Step 6?   They are now all joined up to something else.  Two of them were sewn onto the red string triangles to make a flying geese block and one onto a larger neutral triangle.  No hint was given as to where they will be going in the quilt.
But this is the last of the major sewing exercises.
Not many large blocks, but as you can see from this photo there is actually only 5 different types of blocks that will make up this quilt.  Albeit piles of the things. 

-28  6" Ohio blocks with neutral backgrounds
-28  6" Ohio blocks with black backgrounds.
-128 red string triangles with black wings sewn into a flying geese block..
-100 neutral triangles sewn onto black wings.
-72  3.5" inch blue string blocks

That is one huge lot of cutting and sewing.  By the way I have already used 1 and 1/2 reels of 500m of thread (and I haven't sewn the blocks together yet, or put on a border!!!

This morning (while it is very hot in my part of Aus (34C - 92F) I decided to print off Part 8 and to place these blocks on my design wall - in Bonnie's order of course.  All pieces are sewn in rows - no more blocks are put together, BUT it looks fantastic!  A bit red, but there is so much movement and I can already see different patterns emerging.  AND I like my choice of using blue in the middle of the neutral Ohio stars instead of red!   One problem I'm having though - it is too big for my wall!

Sorry, I'm not going to show you until it's completed.  Have fun guessing what you think it might look like!!

Don't forget to come back and see it completed.


Sewlmate Sister said...

Lookin Good Joy!

Radka said...

I like the colours in your last block :)Look forward to seeing it finished!

jacaranda said...

This looks interesting Joy, agree, love the blue. Looks like a real great scrap quilt. Looking forward to the next step.

Jeann of Melton said...

Joy, it is looking great! You are really fulfilling your 'focus' word!! Looking forward to seeing it in real life.

Lisa said...

That's a lot of sewing!