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Sunday, January 1, 2012

A New Year and a New Word

If you remember last year around this time I wrote about choosing a word for the year.  I first heard about this on the ArtQuilt Yahoo group I belong to.  The idea is to choose a word that you might find helpful in your journey for the year.  It is very helpful to have this word printed on a card/s and put in various places where you will find it or see it - just to remind you.  No stress involved - just a reminder.

It could be something very simple or complex - last year I chose 'Relax'.  I found I needed to learn not to worry about things I had no control over and not to get anxious about the things I did have control over.   Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn't - but it did help in my day-to-day activities.  Some of you know my mother's health wasn't the very best this past year and I learnt that this was one of the things I had no control over.  But I did have control over how I handled it and to get other family members to help.

This year I am choosing ' FOCUS'.  I'm one of those people who wander off in a tangent at times.  Like going into the laundry to put some washing in the machine - start sorting it and realise I left some articles in the bedroom, go to get them and see I left a coffee cup on the bedside table, pick up said cup to take to kitchen and notice the rubbish bin needs emptying, take the bin outside and see.......... you know the story!  In an hour's time I realise I haven't turned the washing machine on!  So FOCUS, it is for this year.

What is your word for the year? 


Lindi said...

Focus is a goodword.... i haven't settled on a word yet, but it might well be renewal.

Sharon~Two Bits Patches said...

I like the idea of a one word mantra. I bought myself a t shirt on Christmas Eve with the word 'Champion' on it - it really spoke to me. To me it said, I'm already a champion, I don't need to prove anything else.

Chris Daly said...

Happy New Year Joy. I wish you luck with FOCUS. As I age I find it hard to remember what I was looking for when I enter a room. At least I get a lot of exercise going back and forth until I remember what it was.

Jeann of Melton said...

Last year I chose the word 'gentle' because I was demanding a bit too much of myself.
I like 'focus' as I need to do more of that!
However, I have decided to choose 'do' in the hope that I will stop reading creative books, magazines, articles, blogs and watching DVDs, etc so much and actually DO something. I need the opposite of 'procrastinate' because that is what I do!!!!!

Linda Stokes said...

Both your words would be useful for me - can certainly relate to this.
Hope you manage to have a creative and productive year.