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Sunday, December 18, 2011

My Christmas gift to myself

Ever since my boys were quite young (when they were believers of Father Christmas!!) I have bought myself a gift to put under the tree.  One year DS1 was very upset because Father Christmas hadn't bought me a present and he said 'but you are a very good mum!!!

This year is no exception - 'except' that I spent a tad more than I usually do.  This is what I bought myself!  I have always wanted one and while at a retreat a few months ago one of the other retreatees mentioned that she was going to advertise her Treadle Machine.  As I know this person and know she would have looked after it I jumped right in and said I would be interested.

I got my DS3, whose car is bigger than mine, to go with me and naturally loved it from the first look.  Now it is in my house.  But the question is 'How do I wrap it and put it under the tree!'

Isn't she a little beauty!!

Ps. I hope no-one is listening, but a week or so ago I did spend a bit more - I purchased two vintage quilt tops, but I'll show these at a later date - have to work out how to photograph them without taking them outside in the bright sunlight.  One is circa 1870-90 and the other is circa early 1900s.  Can't wait to show you these, I love them.


Linda Stokes said...

It's beautiful - Happy Christmas!

Frances Leate said...

Love the Singer Joy - it reminds me of one my Mother sewed on when I was very young. Enjoy playing with your new present and we deserve to be spoilt. Take care.

Sharon~Two Bits Patches said...

How gorgeous! I have a few Singers - well, five or six - but I've never seen that pattern. Do you know what the pattern is called? It's certainly a beautifully presented machine.

Tracey said...

Oh thats gorgeous! I just got something a little similar but no where near as pretty. Happy Christmas Joy!

Radka said...

I love your present! A great idea, I should do that also, then I would always get what I want!!!
Joy, I wish you a calm and relaxing Christmas a many new projects in 2012 :))

Jeann of Melton said...

You must be thrilled to bits with your early Santa present. My older daughter has my Mum's Singer treadle machine.. At one stage my Mum had painted it purple!! Ann-Maree has restored it to its former beauty.
I learnt on the treadle and was terrified of the electic machines at High School.
All the best for Christmas, Joy.
Looking forward to seeing you in the New Year.
Best wishes from jeann

Chris Daly said...

Congratulations Joy! I'm thrilled for you. It's a beautiful machine.