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Sunday, December 11, 2011

My apology

if I have made it harder for you to comment on my blog.  BUT, I have had to put in an extra step - I will be viewing postings before allowing them to be published.

Reason being over the last couple of weeks I have had some spam postings come in and luckily I have been able to delete them before they were up for too long.  I have a spam checker but these guys/gals are clever, so for the near future you will see a message that says I need to approve before posting goes public.

Again, my apologies but it is a necessary step that I have to take - don't want any of my readers to be caught up in the 'net' as well.


Lindi said...

I have always kept the approval option, for that same reason, Joy. Saw too many caught in my earlier blog days. :)

Gina E. said...

No problem for your readers, Joy. I think most of us are used to it now, and it certainly doesn't stop me reading my favourite blogs and leaving the occasional comment.