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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Fab blog on Threads

In my quiet moments in the wee small hours when sleep is beyond me I often sit here at the computer and 'surf'.  Last night I came across what I think is a fabulous blog on threads.  Everything you want to know is there - what thread to use for what project; how it is made; how to use different threads etc etc.  The latest posting is about using threads in the bobbin - great tutorial.  The blog is called Practical Thread Magic and you can click on here to see it or go to my side-bar and click on there.  If you go through the archives - and a warning here - you need lots of time(!) there is heaps and heaps of information.

This is one blog I'm definitely keeping an eye on.


jacaranda said...

Fabulous blog, will sit with a cuppa and go through it. Hope you survived the wild weather yesterday.

Radka said...

It looks like a blog everyone should subscribe to, will have to come back to this one. Thank you for the link.

Ellen Anne Eddy said...

Dear Joy,
Thanks so much for listing my blog, Practical Thread Magic! I'm going to be writing on bobbin work this month, and I'm hoping I can set up some good information for folk.
I've taken the liberty to link to your blog as well.
I have two other blogs you might find fun
Ellen Anne Eddy