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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Felting & Postcards

This month's challenge from the Stitchin Fingers Postcard group was a swap for a felted postcard.  Lucky me my partner for this swap was Sheila in Scotland.  I have swapped with Sheila a number of times and have always been thrilled with what she sends and she is always on time or early.......If any of you have been in swaps before you know how frustrating and annoying it is to always be waiting for yours to arrive - sadly on the odd occasion there has been nothing.  I don't mind getting an email or notice to say it is coming, but will be late because of family commitments, health, work etc.  What I don't understand is why someone would commit to a swap and then 'drop out of sight' and you don't even know if what you sent has arrived safely.

Anyway, enough of 'standing on the soap box' Sheila has once again sent me a lovely piece of her work. Here is what she sent - she said she used both wet & dry felting.  I love her colours. Thanks again Sheila.

I can now also post a photo of the card I sent to her - as it arrived safely in her letterbox yesterday.  This is my first 'official' attempt at needle felting.  I have borrowed a machine from a friend who is letting me play with it.  It is great fun!  What I did with this little card is I used a piece of green silk and partially embellished it to the backing (pelmet vilene) to use as my background. 

As you can see from the photo I left parts untouched and I rather like the idea of how the silk has pleated or gathered - I think it adds an extra dimension.

Then I stitched down a piece of lace ribbon and over that I embellished some flowers, using multi-dyed scraps of wool.  I then used some ordinary knitting wool and embellished it down for grass.  Finally finishing off with some beading.

Somehow I don't think this little machine is going back!  She is wanting to sell it - I can see a new home for it very clearly and I know exactly where it is going to go.......

Have a great week, till next I write, take care

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jacaranda said...

2 beautiful postcards. I love swaps and it is exciting when they arrive safely at each destination. Jenni