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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Ah the pleasures of shopping in Chapel St

For the past week I have been in Melbourne cat and house sitting (in that order!!!) for my son, dauther-in-law and granddaughter while they are having a holiday.  Mostly when I go up to the big city I'm usually busy babysitting Jorja (I'm nearly 4 Nanna!!), but this time they were only home for a day before they took off.  The first couple of days I did some work in their garden (they are definitely not gardners....)  It's not a big garden, but does get weeds and has bushes that need trimming.  With Mr Jingles (the cat - who by the way is a 'she') we managed to get a fair bit done, so I decided that as a reward I would firstly go to the Prahran Market - a very cosmopolitan venue and treat myself to some of their wonderful sauces and treats to take home.

The market is in the middle of the famous Prahan shopping strip - Chapel Street - and one can't go to the market without strolling along the strip, window-shopping and stopping for a Latte and a slice of continental, very chic.

Of course, you can't go 'window shopping' without buying something - like this absolutely beautiful soft leather, denim-look bag.  Isn't it wonderful - not too big but it can put a lot of stuff inside.

I did manage to do a little hand sewing while away, but now that I'm back home need to get back to my UFOs.  Will post more pics when I have a couple more finished.

Till then, take care

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Gina E. said...

I haven't been to Chapel Street for years - it would have been great fun to window-shop with you, Joy! The blue bag is to die for... Why not email me next time you are in the Big Smoke and have some spare time, and I'll drive over to meet you?