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Thursday, April 15, 2010

A New York purchase...

While in NY last year one of the many places we went to was the Garment District in downtown New York. A truly interesting and fabulous area of the city.  Not as many warehouses or designer studios as would have been there, say 20 years ago, but still lot of interesting little nooks and crannies.  In one building with a ride in an 'interesting' old lift, we ventured into a huge warehouse full of bolts and bolts of materials. 
 Most of the girls bought cottons and dressmaking stuff etc, but I went rumaging in a renmant bin and came across this absolutely beautiful piece of material.  It is two panels of black and white printed silk and yes, you can see the signature - it is by Ralph Lauren!!!! I paid $8 US for the piece.
My problem - what do I actually make with it? 
Originally when I purchased it I was going to make an outfit for my son's wedding in Palm Cove (Nth Qld), but when we got back I didn't have the time to make anything.  Summer has now gone and we are heading for winter - of course there is always next summer!  If anyone has a brilliant idea of what to do with this please put forward your suggestions. 
The actual size of this piece of stunning material is 2m x 2m with 2 square panels (one of which you see here and 3 smaller panels which go down one side.


Gina E. said...

OMG, look at all those fabrics!! I could go nuts in there! Your black and white material is gorgeous. Hang on to it until you find the right pattern, Joy. I bought a length of pure silk in Hong Kong many years ago, and it sat around for about 10 years before I decided to take it to a local dressmaker and leave it to her to make me a blouse. She really stuffed it up; the design was horrible, and I only wore it once, then cut it up for scraps! Grrr..

Chris said...

Hi Joy, Your blog looks wonderful. What a great fabric find too. How did you restrain yourself in the garment district?