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Monday, July 27, 2015

More work in progress

Some of you may already know that one of my other loves (apart from quilting) is Cross Stitch.  I have loved this craft for well over 40 years.

In the early days of my blog I did publish some pictures of my cross stitch work.  Below is one that I started about 2 years, put it away and forgot about it.  Then when rummaging through some boxes that are stored in the garage to find material that I needed to take with me to Winter School (more about this later), I found it! I have started working on it again, in the daytime while watching the midday movie or something that I have taped.

Of course, as you can see, it is a 'patchwork' wall hanging.  Fancy that!!!!!

It is 5 x 8 rows of cross stitch blocks; worked on 14 ct cream aida cloth.  Each block is 30 sts square and the sashing is 3 sts wide. I am half-way through it. I always work in a frame and this piece will be put into my floor frame.  That way I can use both hands and keep the work taught so it doesn't warp.  You can see on the left hand side I pin the block I am working on.  

No, I didn't cut up the pattern!  I photocopied it and cut the copy.....

I plan later today or tomorrow to search through some of my very very older posts and label them with 'cross stitch' so you could do a search and find them (ie if you want to......but please wait for a few days so I can get organised.


Vireya said...

It's a lovely piece. Happy stitching!

jacaranda said...

A relaxing activity to do in front of the heater. Lovely piece.

Gina E. said...

I should follow your example...I have several large cross stitch UFOs, abandoned a few years ago in favour of patchwork and quilting :-(
This is fabulous, Joy - I have some patterns in books somewhere of smaller versions. I love the concept of quilt blocks done in cross stitch!

Radka said...

Great combination - patchwork and cross stitch :-), looks very good.