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Sunday, January 4, 2015

2015 Word for the year


That is my word for this year.  As most of you who read my bog know I don't make resolutions - they are too hard to keep and too restrictive.

 I choose a word for the year which I use to help me FOCUS on what I need to be doing.

Last year with moving house, a family wedding and other stuff that happened, I kind of lost my focus on what I was doing (or maybe I should say - what I planned to do...)  Of course, as usual when this happens, one tends to go off in a tangent and no matter how hard you work, nothing gets done and you are back to square one!

This year to help me FOCUS I have put together a ring binder with dividers for things like - My Garden, Quilting, Sewing General, Computer, etc. Into this binder I (hope) will write down the different tasks, perhaps what I wish to purchase, etc for each of the divisions.  I'm not putting in a timetable (only if there is a time frame, ie if say, a quilt needs to be made as a gift), and I will jot down my progress as I work through the folder.  Sometimes I will add things, hopefully I will be crossing most out. 

 After all, that is the reason for having this folder!!

What is your word for this year 2015?  Do you have one or do you make resolutions.  I would love to know.


Frances Leate said...

It sounds like a great way to get organised and stay "focused". Happy new year

jacaranda said...

Love your new word and especially your folder. Whenever I see you, I will ask, "is your focusing on track?".

Jeann of Melton said...

Wow! I stopped checking on your blog and look at all the posts I missed. Anyway, pleased to have you back in 'blogland'.
I like the idea of the 'focus folder'. My brain is so scrambled at the moment I can't even think of focusing on my word for the year.