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Monday, September 29, 2014

It's nearly October already....

Time does fly.........

October is only a few days away and  I've realised I haven't posted anything since August....Dear me, I have been slack...

Do you ever feel you have lost your mojo for a while?  I did, but hopefully all is coming back gradually.

I finished sewing the top of my 'Blue Rhapsody' quilt - you know the one with all those blue and brown hexagons and now have it tacked ready for quilting.

My apologies for the clarity of the photo but the sun was shining right in the window and I didn't realise it till posting the photo.  The quilt is now at the machine and I have started quilting it.

I have also been very busy with hand sewing.  After all the years sitting at my machine I am really loving hand sewing and of course hexagons. (What else...)

This quilt started off being a copy of Martha Washington's Flower Garden in which all the flowers are shaped as diamonds, not the traditional flower shapes.

After sewing quite a few of these together - see some of my previous posts labelled 'hexagons' - I was playing around with them (as one does...) and I really liked what I saw when the diamonds were placed into a star pattern with a 'flower' in the middle.

This is now what I have decided to do with these diamond hexagons. Here are two that I have finished sewing.  What do you think?


Frances Leate said...

Just love your "Blue Rhapsody" and also the star hexagons. I am hand quilting a medallion project at the moment and I am hoping when I finish this my mojo and some flexibility in my hand will have returned. Take care

Gina E. said...

Joy, they are beautiful. One of many things that I want to do one any of us live long enough to do all that we plan??
I haven't lost my mojo for sewing, but I've retired from most of my blogs for now. It takes up too much time online that could be better spent stitching. But I'll continue to visit my regular favourites.

Radka said...

Hi Joy,
your new quilt top is lovely, well done. I am so behind with visiting other blogs, where does the time go?