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Sunday, May 25, 2014

AQC - a tad late but here is my visit to AQC

Well I've finally made it. After quite a few hiccups changing computers - I'm now in the 'really techosphere' world (not sure if that is really a word, but sounds good...) - I have upgraded my ageing desk top (c2007) to a new laptop with Windows 8.1.  Lots of trial and error happening, ie email wouldn't work; blog was not always there, etc; a few trips back and forth to the computer people where I purchased it and we are now up and running.

A few weeks ago the Australian Quilt Convention was held in Melbourne.  A thoroughly enjoyable day - ran into a number of people I know.  Sat at a table for lunch with 3 other girls who came all the way from Brisbane, Qld.  We had a lovely chat and then went on our separate ways.

AQC is held in the beautiful heritage listed Royal Exhibition Buildings located in the Fitzroy Gardens, Melbourne, Vic. Just a very short tram ride from the city centre. The building lends itself wonderfully for an exhibition of this type - on a sunny day natural light comes in from the windows near the roof and the floor plan which resembles a cross (one long wide passage with two offshoots either side) allows plenty of room for the stallholders and exhibitors also allowing for plenty of space for the quilts.

These two photos are of the outside of the building - you can see from the photo on the left how the 'cross' shape looks from the side view.  The photo on the right is the front view.

The following are a couple of photos of the inside of the building showing some of the murals on the large columns.  It is truly a stunning venue for a quilt exhibition.

The quilts were stunning but as I don't have permission from the makers I can't show them here, re copyright issues.

I hadn't planned on purchasing very much (??) as I am still trying to sort out my stuff from the house move.  Well, add good intentions got thrown out the window.  There were a couple of stalls having huge I need to say any more...... (ps I'm not showing...... maybe at a later date...)

I did purchase this lovely bag from the Kopanang Project.  This is a group of lovely ladies from a village in South Africa who with the help of some very generous people, are being taught to be self-sufficient.  It is beautifully hand embroidered and all the money goes back to the village and put towards the education of the girls, many of whom have been impacted by HIV/Aids in their society.  You can read more about this project, on the link above.

 Oops, sorry it's sideways.

This is the front of the bag and the one below is the back.
Beautiful colours aren't they?

Both sides are covered with the embroidery.


Radka said...

All this technology - it is not always healthy, LOL!
Good to see you back, Joy :-)

jacaranda said...

Beautiful photos and glad you had a great day. Welcome back to blogging.

Vireya said...

Glad to hear you have got everything happening again. I forgot to ask you about it on Thursday.

Jeann of Melton said...

Welcome back to 'blogland', Joy. I have missed you!!
I just love the Exhibition Building and the inside is as good as the outside. I spend a lot of time looking up at the murals. It is a great setting for a quilt show.
I also love Flinders St Station!