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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Don't let anybody tell you moving house is a breeze.....

It isn't!

My apologies to you all for not posting sooner, but if you have ever moved a whole house mainly by yourself, you will understand how little time one has for simple pleasures like Blogger, FB, etc.  Just checking emails took enough time to delay some unpacking.

It is a lot of hard work, sometimes very confronting when having to choose if you will take a certain item or not.  I'm not sure if packing up a house after 30 years is harder than unpacking when downsizing to a smaller house or unit in my situation.  Anyway it is all over with now, albeit there are still quite a few boxes in the garage, but the main stuff is out and 'sort of' in it's place.  I have already moved things around after discovering they weren't in the best position!!

Where have I moved to?  A small town called Lara, just the other side of Geelong, which is about 3/4 hr drive from Anglesea, BUT it now means I'm only 3/4 hr or so from the family in Melbourne.  Most of the move was pretty well straightforward, but that skip that you see in the previous posting was not enough - I had to arrange for another one and I filled it as well!

I'm not sure about the population of Lara, I think it's safe to say bigger than Anglesea, but it still has that lovely friendly country feel about it which I love. 

My garden of course is much much smaller - in fact there isn't much at all - I think the previous owner was not a gardener!  The back is paved and although there is a small section along the back and side fence that is fully covered with a wood type of mulch.  So glad I dug up some things from Anglesea, just have to work out which side of the back would suit them best.  As my yard faces north it gets all the afternoon sun with just a few spots near the garage that are in the shade. Great for vegie patch and small fruit trees. (Note to self - must remember to get a lemon tree.....can't live without fresh lemons).
You can see from this photo I also bought with me some pieces of my water feature.  Again have to wait and see where the sun shines the most before I re-install it.  Hopefully along the left side of this pic (which is out of view) will get less sun and be more in the shade than the rest, then I can have my fish again and/or encourage frogs back - love, love the sound frogs at night.

There are many places around and in Lara that are designated 'wet-lands' for nature flora and fauna, so 'fingers crossed' I can encourage some of it into my yard.

I hope you all forgive me for taking so long to post, but this should be remedied now I'm more organised!  Thank you for your patience.
Take care, everyone,

ps - I'm going to have to change my banner and info...


jacaranda said...

Welcome back to the world of blogging Joy. I love your new unit (I have been lucky to have a tour).
Wishing you lots of happiness in your new abode. Looking forward to hearing the frogs.

Vireya said...

Happy gardening! Looks like you can just jump in and do what you like - there wouldn't be much to be gained by following the usual advice to wait and see what might already be in the garden that you might want to keep.

Frances Leate said...

Moving is very traumatic and I am glad to hear you have survived it and everything will eventually find a home. From past experience some boxes never get unpacked but it is comforting to know they are there! Take care.

Gina E. said...

Oh Joy, I couldn't bear the thought of moving now! If my hubby passes away before me, I certainly won't be staying in this house on my own (too big for one person), but as long as we are together and able to look after ourselves and the pets, we are not going to move! We had thought about it, but the older we get, the less inclined we are to want to move out of this area where we know the shops and services so well, and the neighbours are great too. So we are renovating instead ;-)

Jeann of Melton said...

We moved house nearly 10 years ago and there are still plastic tubs in the garage that haven't been unpacked. They are full of photos and other family memorabilia. As Frances said it is comforting to know that they are there.
I am hoping to visit soooooon!

Martha said...

We all agree that moving is traumatic--emotionally because of all the decisions, and physically because of the actual work. Good luck in making this new place your creative home. Paying attention to the plantings is a good sign that you will adjust well to the change! Good luck!
Martha Ginn