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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Spring is coming....

How do I know?  Instead of green, green, green, some colour is starting to showing in my garden. 

My Fresias are up but still green. 

Not a lot of colour yet, but this is a start.


Jeann of Melton said...

I was late planting my bulbs so they only now pushing above the ground!

jacaranda said...

The orange flower, my Mum used to call it the Poorman's Orchid. I have it in red, do you want a cutting?
I have picked my first vase of yellow freesias.

Radka said...

Your spring means our autumn :-( Actually, I like good autumn, it is the winter I object to!
Have a good week,

Michelle Watson said...

Wow, no idea what the orange ones are (I don't garden, at all!), but they are stunning!!